Mineral Exploration

Some exploration projects require large scale seismic surveys, but other projects, including smaller mining operations and placer gold mining, can benefit from other geophysical methods. Southern Geophysical Ltd offers the full range of geophysical methods which include:
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) (for finding buried alluvial systems)
  • EM61 (can sometimes be used for locating ore bearing deposits)
  • Magnetics
  • Resisitivity
  • Reflection/Refraction

Oil and Gas Exploration

The requirements of exploration for oil and gas are varied, and depend on the size and depth of the target, the material properties of the overburden and the terrain being explored. Southern Geophysical Ltd is experienced in designing and implementing seismic programs and we are well practiced in meeting the unique challenges of exploring New Zealand's backcountry. Normally an oil and gas project would require deep seismic reflection. Southern Geophysical Ltd can provide:
  • A 72 channel system (with options for up to 120 channels)
  • Different cable systems and geophone frequencies to allow us to tailor a system to meet your survey requirements
  • A range of different seismic sources, including sledgehammers, Accelerated Weight Drops (AWD), and explosives (licenced)
  • Flexible options for data analysis and reporting

Coal and Coal Seam Gas Exploration

The requirements for coal exploration are often quite similar to oil and gas exploration, and Southern Geophysical Ltd can provide shallow and deep seismic surveys. Other methods include:
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) (for shallow targets)
  • Resistivity (for locating burning coal seams)

Groundwater Investigations

Geophysics can be a useful tool for finding groundwater resources. Southern Geophysical Ltd has worked with farmers and local councils on a range of groundwater surveys. We have sucessfully used geophysical methods to find structures that are likely to be good, rechargeable sources of water. Depending on the needs of the project and site conditions, our services can range from imaging aquifer geometry and buried paleochannels, through to mapping the electrical properties of the ground to look for saturated materials. The geophysical methods that can be applied to groundwater exploration include:

  • Shallow seismic reflection
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Time-domain Electromagnetics (TEM) and resistivity
  • Seismic refraction tomography

Gravel Pits

Southern Geophysical Ltd utilises Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) which can be an excellent tool for rapidly delineating and mapping the extent of overburden in existing gravel pits and in new developments. We can determine the thickness and 3D structure of individual gravel units allowing forward planning and site development to be undertaken at a much lower cost than traditional intrusive investigations.

Geophysics is an excellent and normally non-invasive method for exploring the subsurface over large areas. It can be quicker and more cost effective than relying solely on traditional invasive techniques, and works well in conjunction with a well planned drilling program. While these are a few examples of the services we can provide, there are many other applications, and there are always new methods and approaches being developed. Give us a call at 03 384-4302 and we'd be happy to discuss options on whether geophysics is the right tool for you.