Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations

also known as: Pile Integrity Test, Low Strain Dynamic Test, Sonic Echo Test, Impulse Response Test, and Low Strain Integrity Test

Southern Geophysical has over 10 years experience undertaking Pile Integrity Testing (PIT). All testing meets the ASTM D5882-07 standard. We can undertake the testing at any location in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (Pile testing price list).
The test is designed to determine the length and integrity of foundations when the top or part of the upper side of the foundation is accessible. This test can be used on both new and existing foundations and is performed by impacting the foundation and recording echoes from a defect or the foundation bottom with a nearby receiver. This method works best for columnar type foundations such as piles and drilled shafts, but has also been used successfully on mat foundations, abutment walls, and similar structures. The test is applicable on concrete, wood, and round steel pipe foundations. It is now widely used in Australia new builds and existing structures.PIT.pdf

Southern Geophysical has tested numerous structures including bridge foundations, electric rail pylons, high voltage pylon supports, micro piles, pre-cast piles, augered pile etc

Were also undertake other types of pile testing including:

  • Crosshole sonic logging CSL.pdf
  • Parallel seismic PS.pdf
  • Ultra seismic US.pdf
  • High frequency GPR pile investigations