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Travis Undertaking Sonic Pile Testing

Travis Undertaking Sonic Pile Testing

Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations

Southern Geophysical has over 10 years experience carrying out pile and structural testing.

Pile testing is used to assess new and existing building piles, bridge abutments, foundations and other structures. There are a number of pile testing methods that can be used, depending on the requirements of the project. Some of the more common methods are:

We have the equipment and expertise to determine which method would be most suited to your project and can provide the testing that your project requires. All testing meets the relevant ASTM standards. We can undertake testing at any location within New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Travis undertaking CSL Pile Testing

Travis undertaking CSL Pile Testing

Cross hole Sonic Logging

Also known as Cross Sonic Logging or the Sonic Logging Test  is the most accurate and reliable technique for assessing the integrity of deep foundation elements constructed on-site from concrete or grout. The crosshole sonic logging method is normally applied as a quality assurance (QA) technique for newly placed drilled shafts and auger cast piles. CSL testing provides assurance that the foundation concrete is sound and contains no defects, such as soil intrusions, necking, sand lenses, voids, etc. The extent, nature, depth, and approximate lateral location of defects can be determined with the CSL method. The CSL method is typically performed in access tubes (steel or PVC)  tied to the rebar cage and cast into the shaft at the time of construction. 

The single hole sonic logging method is used in cases where only a single access tube can be placed in a shaft, and tests the concrete quality in the region around the single access tube.

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