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Concrete Scanning

Locating and marking out reinforcing steel.

Locating metallic & non-metallic pipes, conduits & post-tension cables. Detecting voids and defects in concrete slabs and structures.

Shear Wave Testing

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Ground Penetrating Radar

Geophysics can simplify complex problems and provide significant cost savings

Our experienced team provides geophysical contracting and consulting services to clients in the Energy, Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Mineral, Archaeological, Agricultural and Environmental sectors. We have an experienced and friendly team coupled with one of the largest equipment resources for shallow geophysical surveys in the independent private sector. We continue to grow in response to new applications where innovation is required. If you have a project that requires information on the subsurface and you are looking for a non-invasive method to describe the parameters of that subsurface, give us a call today.

New developments in concrete floor slab investigations

October 9, 2020
SGL have developed a method to significantly reduce disturbance of the sub-slab conditions during invasive investigation.
Here at SGL we’ve been finding ways to answer a couple of the more challenging questions we’ve been asked during concrete scanning.What if there is a small void underneath the polystyrene insulation, too small to see using radar but large enough to impact concrete slab stability?What if drilli...
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