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Geophysics can simplify complex problems and provide significant cost savings

Our experienced team provides geophysical contracting and consulting services to clients in the Energy, Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Mineral, Archaeological, Agricultural and Environmental sectors. We have an experienced and friendly team coupled with one of the largest equipment resources for shallow geophysical surveys in the independent private sector. We continue to grow in response to new applications where innovation is required. If you have a project that requires information on the subsurface and you are looking for a non-invasive method to describe the parameters of that subsurface, give us a call today.

Latest news

Vibration monitoring costs reduced !

With a large investment in new vibration equipment, Southern Geophysical Ltd is now able to offer internet enabled vibration monitors at very competitive rates. Call today for a quote.Read more

Seismographs and snow !

The South Island Japanese Strong Motion Network 10 years old and going strong. Every 6 months a team from Southern Geophysical Ltd undertakes maintenance of the network of  EarthquakeRead more

Southern Geophysical reducing our carbon footprint, thanks to Trees That Count

We are introducing a range of carbon reduction policies and are working towards becoming carbon neutral. Our first policy which we initiated in January 2022, Southern Geophysical Ltd is reducing ourRead more

Southern Geophysical adds two more Geodes to its equipment pool

Southern Geophysical has added two new Geodes to our extensive seismic equipment pool. We now have the ability to undertake surveys with up to 168 channels.Read more

Southern Geophysical gets GOLD

Vanessa, our Safety Manager, has guided Southern Geophysical to move from "Green" to GOLD level Sitewise certification. We are delighted with the result with thanks to Vanessa for all her hard work.Read more

Southern Geophysical Ltd

Southern Geophysical is still open for Essential Work - Utility clearance - Infrastructure Failure - Emergency Response. Give us a call and we may be able to assist even in these difficult time.Read more

NZ Response Team Recognition

In late May, 2021 a large flood event severely impacted the Canterbury region. One of our senior geophysicists, Christian Ruegg, is a member of the NZ Response Team, NZRT-1, and was deployed to theRead more

Southern Geophysical Ltd introduces thermal imaging to its "tool box" of non destructive testing equipment.

When used in conjuction with concrete scanning radar a great method to determine the location of on-slab and in-slab heating elements and pipes !Read more

Southern Geophysical Ltd invests in the latest sound monitoring equipment

To add to our existing Class 1 sound meters Southern Geophysical Ltd has purchased the Premium Pulsar Nova range (Model 45). Which meets UK and EU regulations for noise assessments. Features A highRead more

New developments in concrete floor slab investigations

Here at SGL we’ve been finding ways to answer a couple of the more challenging questions we’ve been asked during concrete scanning. What if there is a small void underneath the polystyreneRead more

10th Texcel ETM purchased for vibration monitoring !

Due to the increasing demand for vibration monitoring during construction and demolition throughout New Zealand Southern Geophysical Ltd has been building up it fleet of vibration monitors over theRead more

New GSSI hyperstacking ground penetrating system has arrived !

Southern Geophysical Ltd has just received one of the world's most advanced ground penetrating radar systems from GSSI - maybe perfect for your next project!  The GS Series, next-generation familyRead more