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Contact us: 0800 080 097

Contact us: 0800 080 097

Meet the team

Senior Geophysicist

Mike has over 25 years experience in field and research geophysics. He established Southern Geophysical in 2002. Mike has a BSc (1989) in Microelectronics and Engineering Physics, a MSc in Exploration Geophysics (1997) and a PhD in geology (2004). Mike has worked in Europe, North America, Antarctica and all across New Zealand. With decades of professional experience and with his academic background, Mike is highly skilled at determining the geophysical solution that is right for you and your project. 

Office and Finance Manager
Health and Safety Manager

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Vanessa brings a wide variety of skills that support our team. She received her BBS from Massey University in 2003. Since then, she has gained extensive experience in office administration, and Health and Safety. In her spare time, Vanessa has a couple of classic cars that enjoy the odd outing and gardening.

Seismic Team Leader

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Travis received his BSc in Geology from the University of Canterbury in 2013, then went on to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Geology. Prior to gaining his university degree, Travis worked in the field of avionics which has proved to be useful in understanding geophysical methods and applications. Travis is a keen mountain biker and rides to and from work everyday.

EM Team Leader

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Richard received his BSc in Geology from the University of Canterbury in 2014, then went on to gain a Masters of Science in Geology. Richard specialises in electrical resistivity testing (ERT) and GPR.  Richard is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys a wide array of activities in the elements including climbing and surfing.

NDT Team Leader

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Jack received his BSc, double majoring in Geology and Geography from the University of Canterbury in 2019. Jack specialises in GPR and NDT methods. Jack is an active outdoor enthusiast and outside work hours, spends most of his time playing and coaching football.

NDT Specialist

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Tim received his BSc in Physics and a BA(minor) in Chinese from the University of Canterbury in 2020. Tim is interested in the real-world applications of physical science and has been with Southern Geophysical since 2022. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, listening to music and building things.

Junior Geophysicist

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Nathalia received her BSc majoring in Geophysics from Universidade Federal do Pampa, Brazil. Nathalia specialises in the acquisition and analysis of GPR data. In her spare time she loves hiking.

Junior Geophysicist

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Harry received his BSc in Geology and Geophysics from the Victoria University of Wellington in 2022. Harry enjoys working out in the field and has a particular interest in active source seismology. Outside of work, Harry finds himself on the golf course, mountain biking, or out hiking.

Junior Geophysicist

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Ruby has a BSc in Geology and Masters in Disaster Risk and Resilience from the University of Canterbury. Ruby has a passion for geology and disaster risk science. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, horse riding and other outdoor activities.

Warehouse Manager

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Mike has a wide skill set, knowledge and experience gained from working in telecommunications, satellite and digital systems, property management, vehicle and machine repair and maintenance, and life. When Mike isn’t in our warehouse looking after our equipment, he likes to be at home tinkering in his garage on any number of projects including cars, motorbikes and DIY jobs

Our Partners

Senior Geophysicist

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Christian has a BSc and MSc in Geology from the University of Canterbury and worked for Southern Geophysical for more than 12 years specialising in seismic methods. He now consults for Southern Geophysical, if required. He enjoys the fact that working as a geophysicist demands the constant application of scientific problem-solving in dynamic and unique environments.

Exploration Manager

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Dean Fergusson has over 35 years of experience in mineral exploration, projects and mining operations throughout New Zealand.  By partnering with Dean, Southern Geophysical has access to his wealth of practical mining experience.

He has a BSc and MSc (hons) in Earth Science from University of Waikato. He is a long-term member of AusIMM and is a chartered professional geologist. He successfully implemented and managed multiple, high-resolution 3D seismic reflection surveys in NZ’s highly-structured coal basins, developing work-flows to map, model and risk assess geological hazards in mine feasibility and operational planning.

He is highly conversant with wireline logging techniques and data interpretation and the applied use of GPR for site investigations. Dean brings a wealth of project management experience and knows first-hand how to successfully apply geophysical techniques in mining and geotechnical end uses.

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