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Contact us: 0800 080 097

Contact us: 0800 080 097

Concrete Investigations

Southern Geophysical's concrete investigations include comprehensive structural assessments, void identification and reinforcing locations

Identify Voids and Structural Problems

We can identify voids within concrete structures as well as below concrete slabs and asphalt surfaces. We can also detect concrete deformities such as honeycombing.

Comprehensive Structural Investigations

Collating information from a range of NDT methods and providing comprehensive reporting and drawings of concrete structures so that civil and structural engineers can understand their projects better with our detailed concrete investigations report.

Measure Concrete Thickness

We can determine the concrete thickness and identify localised thickenings such as concrete beams and pile caps in both suspended slabs and slab-on-grade.

Locate Utilities and Conduits

We can locate utilities and conduits including: water pipes, air-filled pipes, plastic conduits, underfloor heating and many others. 

Concrete Drilling and Coring

We offer a selection of concrete drilling and coring services, including remediation of holes where required. We can also undertake coring and provide laboratory testing of compressive strength and chemical composition.

Camera Inspections

We can undertake visual inspections using our specialised side-facing cameras, to image behind or under concrete structures. This can be undertaken in existing holes or we can drill small (14 mm) holes to investigate. 

Drossbach Duct/Grout Tube Investigations

We offer assessment of Drossbach ducts/grout tubes. Improperly installed Drossbach ducts can compromise the structure and safety of a building . Southern Geophysical can undertake Drossbach investigations with a range of equipment providing definitive answers.

Slab Humidity and Moisture Assessment

We can assess concrete slab humidity and moisture content which is a vital part of the integrity assessment of concrete floor slabs before flooring is installed. We can clear, drill, install and monitor in-slab relative humidities throughout the  site to ensure proper curing, drying and slab integrity.

Concrete Velocity Analysis

We offer non-destructive concrete velocity analysis that can be implemented in cases where destructive coring cannot be undertaken. Concrete velocity analysis can give insight into the physical properties such as strength and elasticity.

Crack Detection

We can undertake crack detection for cracks in concrete floor slabs and walls. This method can determine crack top, fire and freeze-thaw damage and provide thickness profiling of pavements including asphalt and layered systems.