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Contact us: 0800 080 097

Contact us: 0800 080 097

About Us

Our History

In 2003, Southern Geophysical was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand and has now grown to an employee-owned full geophysical and NDT service company.

Our philosophy right from the beginning has been to deliver high quality, knowledge-based, geophysical data to our clients which is suitable for their purpose and proposed outcomes in a timely, friendly and cost-effective manner. We have now undertaken more than 1500 surveys throughout New Zealand, the Pacific and Antarctica for clients that come from many sectors including civil, geotechnical, environmental and exploration.

We led the commercial introduction of numerous geophysical and NDT technologies in New Zealand including:

  • Low strain pile integrity testing in 2008, and CSL (crosshole sonic logging) testing in 2012

  • Produced one of the first land streamers for MASW and shallow seismic reflection surveying in New Zealand and Australia

  • Completing many of the large-scale early radar surveys in the early 2000’s

  • Undertaken some of the very first MASW and SASW surveys from 2005

We continue to grow and have one of New Zealand's largest pool of geophysical and NDT equipment in the independent private sector.

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Health and Safety

Southern Geophysical is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace ensuring that everyone at our workplace is safe, in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, associated regulations, standards and codes of practice.  Our health and safety systems are assessed annually by Site Wise and we currently have Gold accreditation.

 We systematically identify and control hazards and risks in our workplace to ensure our workers have the right plant, tools, skills, training, and information to work safely. We risk assess and manage our field work,along with the client, and have staff trained in confined spaces should the job require it.

All our permanent staff have current first aid certificates and our field staff have current Site Safe.

Quality Assurance

Southern Geophysical is committed to providing high quality geophysical service to all our clients. The quality policy is based on technical excellence, professionalism, appropriately trained staff, and compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with manufacturer and national and international standards.


Southern Geophysical recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing environmental impacts and continually improve our performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

Southern Geophysical offset their carbon emissions through the purchase of trees from Trees for Canterbury.

 Most geophysical operations conducted by Southern Geophysical are non-intrusive surveys. The environmental impacts of these systems are generally caused by towing equipment across the ground, striking the ground with hammers or weights, planting sensors in the ground, or using boreholes or excavations that have been installed by other parties. Where systems emit noise from machinery or striking plates with weights, we work with clients and local authorities to meet prescribed noise emission standards.

 For any intrusive survey, our environmental management procedures involve returning the site as close to its pre-survey condition as possible. This is undertaken by collaborating and working with clients and other stakeholders.