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Contact us: 0800 080 097

Inclinometer Surveys

Southern Geophysical's inclinometer surveys offer accurate 3D borehole representation, providing reliable data with versatile delivery options

Other names: Borehole inclination survey, wellbore trajectory, borehole deviation, borehole drift and verticality surveys.

Inclinometer Survey

Southern Geophysical offer inclinometer surveys as a component of borehole surveys. With three orthogonal inclinometer sensors and pre and post survey calibration, the inclinometer can produce an accurate 3D representation of the path of a borehole.

The use of a push rod system allows the inclinometer to be used in any borehole (vertical/horizontal or inclined), and with the sensor package being waterproof the inclinometer is usable in water filled or unfilled boreholes.

The sensor is calibrated and tested within a controlled environment, providing reliable and reproducible results.

Our inclination surveys provide you with a CSV file containing the inclination of a borehole and/or the offsets between multiple boreholes. We also provide 3D and 2D visual representations of the borehole path. Other delivery formats are available on request.

Inclinometer Survey Specifications

Instrument Accuracy:

X axis

+/- 0.05˚

Y axis

+/- 0.05˚

Z axis

+/- 1.00˚

Instrument Applications:


27 m +*

Borehole Diameter


*Push system to 27 m. This range can be increased using a rod extension system.

Inclinometer Survey Equipment