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Contact us: 0800 080 097

Contact us: 0800 080 097


Southern Geophysical develop, own and operate a wide range of best-in-class equipment and processing software.

We have one of the largest pools of geophysical and NDT equipment in New Zealand, which is maintained and calibrated in accordance with manufacturer, and national and international standards.

Our warehouse manager, Mike Ross, is a qualified electrical appliance service person with an excellent understanding of electronics and mechanics . He keeps everything working properly so that the best data possible is obtained in the field.

Equipment list


  • 4x 24-channel Geometrics  Geode Seismographs

  • 1x 48-channel Geometrics Strativisor Seismograph

  • 1x PASI 24-channel + 1Hz sensor Seismograph

  • 4x  Three component Earthquake seismometer + 1Hz sensors

  • 3x  Three component Measurement Computing, internet enabled seismometers

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • 1x GSSI 200HS Deep Radar system

  • 1x GSSI 350HS Utility system

  • 1x GSSI SIR-20 system

  • 1x GSSI SIR-3000 system

  • 1x GSSI 100MHz dual antenna system

  • 2x GSSI 400MHz radar antenna

  • 2x GSSI StructureScan MiniXT systems (concrete scanning)

  • 2x GSSI 900MHz antenna

  • 1x 2GHz palm antenna

  • 1x 2.6GHz palm antenna

  • 2x 200 MHz antenna

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Olson Instruments Freedom PC

  • Pile Integrity systems

  • SIR system (Slab Impulse Response)

  • SASW system (Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves)

  • CSL system (Crosshole Sonic Logging)

  • Parallel seismic system

  • TICO ultrasonic system (P-wave UPV)

Surveying Equipment

  • 5x Trimble GNSS mapping systems with Tornado antennas +/- 10cm 

  • 1x Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS system with real time positioning +/- 10cm

  • 6x Motorola VHF radios with band license


  • Land streamers for MASW 0.25, 0.5m, 1m and 2m.

  • 24-channel Landstreamer for shear wave reflection surveys.

  • 1x Accelerated weight drop seismic source (50kg)

  • Large range of geophones and cables

  • 1 x radio trigger system

EM systems

  • 1x 128-channel Campus Tigre ERT/SP

  • 1x 64-channel ZZGeo ERT/SP/IP

  • 1x Bartington dual sensor magnet gradiometer

  • 1x Geometric magnetometer

  • Geonics EM31

  • Geonics EM61 MK2

  • 1x Mega DET5/4R ground earth meter with soil box

  • 1x Hanna conductivity meter


  • 1x 50m Single 3-component probe (cable)

  • 1x 120m Dual 3-component probe (cable)

  • 1x 120m Single 3-component  thin 33mm probe (cable)

  • 1x 30m Single 3-component probe system (push rod)

  • 1x 34m inclinometer

Vibration Monitoring

  • 11x Texcel internet enabled ETM systems

  • 1x Texcel GTM system


  • Thermal Camera

  • Camera systems

  • Protimeter Hygromaster 2 hygrometer

  • Pulsar Nova 45K Class 1 sound monitor and calibrator

  • Standard metal detector

  • RD8200 utility wand and flexitrace

  • CAT4 and Genny

  • Lowrance sonar