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New Guidelines "Geotechnical Investigations for Earthquake Engineering" released

The New Zealand Geotechnical Society has released its new guidelines: Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Module 2 – Geotechnical Investigations for Earthquake Engineering (07 November 2016). Southern Geophysical are able to offer the whole suite of geophysical testing recommended in the guidelines and we have many years undertaking surveys in support of geotechnical projects that is now required. Contact us today to carry out these geotechnical investigations while also dramatically red...

November 18, 2016

Maintaining Seismic Networks

Southern Geophysical Limited has been working with Kyoto University's Disaster Prevention Research Institute for over five years now. Researchers from the university installed a network of seismographs to observe earthquake activity in the upper South Island. Southern Geophysical assisted the researchers with establishment of the network, and now look after and maintain the network from year to year. Every maintenance run requires over 2000 km of driving and trekking to some of the most remote c...

June 22, 2016

Vibration Monitoring

Southern Geophysical undertake a range of vibration monitoring projects: Demolition activity monitoring Construction activity monitoring Heavy transportation monitoring Pile driving monitoring Dynamic compaction monitoring Tunnel and subway monitoring Bridge monitoring Environmental monitoring Pricing (based on a Christchurch deployment and exclude GST): First day $1000 (Setup/demob with a 2 page report) plus 1-7 days $300/day 8-14 days $200/day 15-30 days $150/day 31-60 d...

June 21, 2016

SGL invests heavily in the latest pile testing equipment ..

Southern Geophysical Ltd. has various pile testing capabilities depending on your specific job needs. The most detailed testing will be gained by using Crosshole Sonic Logging. Other sites may benefit from using Pulse Echo Testing. Give us a call at 03 384 4302 or email us to find out the best solution for your site....

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