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Rotorua Aquatic Centre Resistivity Survey

Learn about what Southern Geophysical has been up to at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre.

July 10, 2019

The far corners of New Zealand

In the past few weeks, Southern Geophysical's concrete scanning and NDT team have worked in some of the more remote corners of New Zealand, from spillways in the North Island to the depths of Fiordland. They've tackled some adverse weather conditions, and tricky terrain. Accessing narrow lift shafts, tunnels, and dams requires confined space qualifications, the ability to work on rope with abseil teams, and experience operating 4WDs and ATVs. Getting to the sites is just the start of the day for...

June 6, 2019

New EM31 trolley

Southern Geophysical has added a new EM31 trolley to its field equipment (Design by Martin King). Along with the latest real time differential GPS systems the trolley allows even more accurate surveys to be undertaken, especially repeat surveys where slight height variations may introduce unwanted noise into the final results....

February 12, 2019

Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves now being undertaken by Southern Geophysical Ltd

Southern Geophysical have added the equipment to undertake spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW) . The Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW-S) system is designed for the following applications:Determination of crack depth and repair auditDetermination of pavement system profiles including the surface layer, base and subgrade materialsDetermination of abutment depths of bridgesCondition assessment of concrete liners in tunnels, slabs, and other structural concrete membersEvaluation o...

July 23, 2018

Ground conductivity meter added to equipment pool

EM31-MK2The EM31-MK2 maps geologic variations, groundwater contaminants, or any subsurface feature associated with changes in ground conductivity. Using a patented electromagnetic inductive technique that allows measurements without electrodes or ground contact. With this inductive method, surveys can be carried out under most geologic conditions including those of high surface resistivity such as sand, gravel, and asphalt....

May 20, 2018

New member of our vibration monitoring family !

We have added a small Texcel GTM unit to our equipment inventory. It has reduced communication capability compared to the more advanced ETM unit but is small and has great battery life....The Texcel GTM delivers unparalleled ease of operation and simple set up for vibration and blast monitoring in a precision engineered, light weight package....

March 16, 2018

South Island Japanese Strong Motion Network 7 years old and going strong

Since 2011 Southern Geophysical has maintained and supported the Japanese Northern South Island strong motion seismic network. The network which now contains 54 stations was installed just after the Canterbury Earthquakes and has been operational ever since. Several stations were lost in the Kaikoura Earthquake but were rapidly replaced.  Thee network data is being analysed by a team of Japanese seismologists to allow a more detailed understanding of the New Zealand tectonic regime which ha...

March 13, 2018

New GSSI concrete scanning radar system added

Southern Geophysical has just added the world leading GSSI Structurescan MiniXT to our range of GPR/concrete scanning systems. The StructureScan Mini XT offers a 2.7 GHz antenna for superior target resolution and can reach depths up to 50 cm. With the addition of this system Southern geophysical has the largest range of GPR frequencies in New Zealand 100 MHz - 2.7 GHz....

February 8, 2018

New member of the team !

Nick received his BSc in Geology and Geography from the University of Canterbury in 2013 in Geology. Nick has several years experience working in the geophysics industry and specialises in data acquisition and processing and analysis for GPR. Outside work hours Nick spends most of his time mountain biking, where he has represented New Zealand and has taken him around the world....

January 15, 2018

Richard Mellis

Richard has joined Southern Geophysical part time. Richard received his BSc in Geology from the University of Canterbury in 2014, then went on to gain a Masters of Science in Geology. Richard is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys a wide array of activities in the elements including climbing and surfing. ...

January 16, 2017

New Guidelines "Geotechnical Investigations for Earthquake Engineering" released

The New Zealand Geotechnical Society has released its new guidelines:Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Module 2 – Geotechnical Investigations for Earthquake Engineering (07 November 2016).Southern Geophysical are able to offer the whole suite of geophysical testing recommended in the guidelines and we have many years undertaking surveys in support of geotechnical projects that is now required.Contact us today to carry out these geotechnical investigations while also dramatically reducing you...

November 18, 2016

Maintaining Seismic Networks

Southern Geophysical Limited has been working with Kyoto University's Disaster Prevention Research Institute for over five years now. Researchers from the university installed a network of seismographs to observe earthquake activity in the upper South Island. Southern Geophysical assisted the researchers with establishment of the network, and now look after and maintain the network from year to year. Every maintenance run requires over 2000 km of driving and trekking to some of the most remote c...

June 22, 2016

Vibration Monitoring

Southern Geophysical undertake a range of vibration monitoring projects:Demolition activity monitoringConstruction activity monitoringHeavy transportation monitoringPile driving monitoringDynamic compaction monitoringTunnel and subway monitoringBridge monitoringEnvironmental monitoringPricing (based on a Christchurch deployment and exclude GST):First day $1000 (Setup/demob with a 2 page report) plus1-7 days $300/day8-14 days $200/day15-30 days $150/day31-60 days $125/dayOver 90 days $1...

June 21, 2016

SGL invests heavily in the latest pile testing equipment ..

Southern Geophysical Ltd. has various pile testing capabilities depending on your specific job needs. The most detailed testing will be gained by using Crosshole Sonic Logging. Other sites may benefit from using Pulse Echo Testing. Give us a call at 03 384 4302 or email us to find out the best solution for your site....

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