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Contact us: 0800 080 097

New developments in concrete floor slab investigations

SGL have developed a method to significantly reduce disturbance of the sub-slab conditions during invasive investigation.

Here at SGL we’ve been finding ways to answer a couple of the more challenging questions we’ve been asked during concrete scanning.

What if there is a small void underneath the polystyrene insulation, too small to see using radar but large enough to impact concrete slab stability?

What if drilling a hole in the concrete slab and poly’ disturbs the gravels below, impacting the downhole camera footage?

To answer these questions we undertook a series of experiments using various epoxy pours down small (drilled) pilot holes. The goal was to "lock" the gravel/fill and sub-slab conditions in place prior to coring and settle on a reliable method we can apply to the real world.

The experiments were successful, with a cross-section of the sub-slab conditions displayed clearly in the extracted core (see image below) and the core-hole. We are happy to now be able to offer this service in addition to our comprehensive concrete floor slab investigations.