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Contact us: 0800 080 097

AUSIMM Reefton Explorers Forum Sponsorship by Southern Geophysical Ltd

Gold Mining and Geophysics

Southern Geophysical Ltd was happy to sponsor the AusIMM Reefton Explorers Forum dinner on September 2nd, with Christian Ruegg and Dr Mike Finnemore in attendance. SGL was pleased to see the high attendance at the forum, and hope that the interest observed in geophysical applications for gold mining will translate to future geophysical work in the mining sector in New Zealand. 

Southern Geophysical owns a full range of geophysical equipment suitable for mining applications including:

  • 128 Channel Electrical Resistivity (ERT) System

  • P and S wave seismic reflection/refraction systems (96 channel)

  • Ground penetrating radar systems (2.7 GHz - 25 MHz)

  • Geonics EM31 Conductivity Meter

  • Geonics EM61-MK2 Metal detector system

  • Trimble DGPS survey systems 

  • We also have extensive experience with magnetometer and gravity surveying, down-hole geophysical logging and Wellscad processing software